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Committees and Committee Chairs


EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:  Chairman Brother Willie C. Johnson

  • The Executive Board shall meet on call of the Basileus or on call of the majority of the members of the committee. The Executive Board shall meet monthly, atleast two weeks prior to regular chapter meetings.

  • In case of emergency, a call meeting of the chapter shall be made in writing or by phone calls, setting forth the problem(s) requiring attention. In such an emergency, the meeting shall dispose ONLY of the matter for which it was called.

  • In the event that an elected officer, or any person so appointed by the Basileus to perform services for the chapter shall become physically or mentally disabled, or should resign before the expiration of his term of office, or if he fails to perform his duties in a manner satisfactory to the chapter and has been removed from office, or shall enter OMEGA Chapter, the Basileus, by and with consent of the Executive Board, shall appoint a successor for the unexpired term of the said member and shall determine when the temporary tenure shall begin and end (not exceeding the un-expired term).

  • Committee chairs cannot establish accounts (of any type), or enter into any binding contracts or agreements on behalf of the chapter. The body cannot approve committee chairs to enter into any such agreement or setup any such accounts.


ACHIEVEMENT WEEK:  Chairman Brother Grover C. Lewis III

  • The Achievement Week Committee shall select the Omega Man of the Year, Founders Award, Colonel Charles Young Award and the Citizen of the Year from nominees submitted by each financial chapter and submits the elected awardees to the National Achievement Week Committee for national consideration and other District approved awards.


ARTIFACTS AND MEMORABILIA: Chairman Brother Wilbert Cain

  • The Artifacts and Memorabilia shall inquire of, offer assistance to, and encourage brothers and their survivors to give to the chapter such artifacts and memorabilia as they, in their generosity, may wish the chapter to have and keep. Appropriate thanks and respects shall be made for each and every gift and, when feasible, each artifact or memorabilia shall be carefully preserved, restored, if necessary and displayed as the chapter shall so direct.   This committee shall also keep historical documents for the assemblage of the chapter’s history and will be the custodian of all current memorabilia (ceremonial baton, candles & holders, gloves, ceremonial booklets, etc.).



  • The Amenities Committee shall:

    • Coordinate notification to the brotherhood any sick and shut-in brothers, serve to coordinate the brotherhood in preparation for performing the official ceremony for brothers that enter Omega Chapter, maintain an active listing for all sick and shut-in brothers, list of brothers that enter Omega chapter and an active listing of their surviving spouses and shall be chaired by the Chapter Chaplain.

    • This committee shall establish and maintain the chapter’s procedures and guidelines for the chapters showing of sympathy or gratitude, i.e., when to send cards, when to send flowers or a card.

    • The Amenities Committee shall coordinate the local Memorial Day program in accordance with the National Mandate, alert chapter members to the spirit and objectives of each annual observance theme and acquaint the public with the objectives of the Memorial Day program.


AUDIT : Chairman Brother Anthony Hillmon

  • It shall be the duty of the Audit Committee to review the financial records of the Keeper of Records and Seal and the Keeper of Finance at the end of each year and submit a report of accountability, with recommendations to the District.  


BUDGET: Chairman Brother Ernest Wright

  • It shall be the duty of the Budget Committee in conjunction with the Executive Committee, prepare an operational budget for the District year taking into account the financial responsibilities of ALL aspects of the District.  The committee shall present a balanced budget of receipts and disbursements at the September meeting for review and final adoption occurs at the October meeting.


BY-LAWS: Chairman Brother Grover C. Lewis III (Immediate Past Basileus) 

  • The By-Laws Committee shall be comprised of all Former Basili, one of whom shall be named chairman.  It shall be the duties of the By-Laws Committee to prepare the Chapter's By-Laws and present them for approval every xxxx (x) years.  Such By-Laws may NOT in any way conflict or impugn with the Constitution and By-Laws of the National Fraternity. Recommendations or mandates passed during the interim of every five years shall be effective on the date set by the Annual Meeting that approves the amendment and incorporated into the next set of By-Laws, as provided by the Recommendations Committee.



  • The Membership Committee shall process through proper channels all applications for membership and to organize and make plans for the chapter membership selection process.



  • To validate the qualification of candidates for Chapter Offices, prepare a slate for presentation and to administer the voting process at the annual meeting.


PUBLICITY: Chairman Brother Willie C. Johnson

  • Working under the same aegis, shall be separate and shall be charged with collection and assimilation of data and the writing of the Chapter History as well as Upcoming Chapter Events and publicity.  Also functions are archivist.


RECLAMATION and RETENTION: Chairman Brother Ivan Thompson

  • The Retention Committee shall be charged with retaining Brothers in the Sixth District and formulating programs for the chapters for this purpose.   The Chapter Reclamation Chairman shall serve on the National Reclamation Committee.


SCHOLARSHIP: Chairman Brother Jacob Evans

  • It shall be the duty of the Scholarship Committee :

    • To prepare detailed regulations, policies and announcements for awards. 

    • To select chapters and/or brothers whose scholarship is noteworthy and present same to the District Meeting for recognition in the form of awards.


SOCIAL ACTION: Chairman Brother Willie C. Johnson

  • Before it enters upon its duties, ascertain the National Social Action Program.  The committee then, acting under the aegis of the Executive Committee, shall set forth a program, i.e., Boy’s Camp.


TALENT HUNT:  Chairman Brother Jacob Evans

  • The Talent Hunt Committee shall organize and develop the District Talent Hunt Demonstration from the chapter level and be responsible for the Sixth District’s presentation at the Grand Conclave.


TECHNOLOGY:  Chairman Brother Willie C. Johnson

  • The Technology Committee shall support and assist the Chapter through technology with timely relay of information and the maintenance and development of the chapter website.


WAYS AND MEANS:  Chairman Brother Wilbert Cain

  • The Ways and Means Committee shall coordinate and present programs for the acquisition of needed revenue subject to the approval of the chapter.  This committee shall cooordinate all revenue generating activities.  The Ways and Means Committee shall be responsible for coordinating Sixth District programs that are aligned with this committee.

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